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Recent Testimonials

"To be honest I knew nothing about reiki before my session and new very little about my chakras! You literally changed my entire mindset. First and foremost you educated me on the ENTIRE process, which really helped me prepare for my session. I was nervous going into the session initially because I was scared I wouldn’t get anything out of it but literally it was the complete opposite. Because you give off genuine and positive vibes I was able to truly relax, let go and let you go to work. Afterwards when you explained what you found it really was on point which was confirmation for me that the session was beneficial. There were so many reactions afterwards (some very personal) but the one I can speak on the most is really a feeling of being open and in a daze in the best way possible. I can’t wait for my next session. Truly was an amazing experience."

Tenesha A.


"I had a reiki session for the first time ever yesterday and it was definitely an eye opening experience. I’m on a journey of healing which led me here. I had my session with a good friend of mine Xiomara. She is a healer amongst many other things as well. Going into it definitely gave me a feeling of jumping out of the box and doing something new. I knew little to nothing about reiki. First and foremost Xio was amazing. To know her is to love her. She has an energy that makes you feel super comfortable and just open with her, she also just gives off positive vibes. At first I was in my head thinking and couldn’t just let go. Once I gave myself “permission” to release my thoughts and relax, she was able to work and it was honestly mind blowing. The session itself was relaxing to the point where I had actually fell asleep for a moment. Haha! After the session I felt lighter and with a new soul quiet. When she told me what she had picked up on I was shocked. I was shocked because what she had found was absolutely on the money, which to me means that the session was what I needed. She left me with tons of information and ways to help unblock certain chakras. When she left I had time to really think about our session and I actually shed a tear because everything she told me Ive been feeling and knowing I need to make changes. Xio I just want to thank you for enlightening me to a great experience. Reiki was my answer to shedding an old skin and growing a new one. As I’m writing this today I feel this overwhelming feeling of freedom. Now it’s my turn to put in the work and I’ll be back for another session in a few weeks. I would definitely recommend anyone who is open to it to try it! Special hands of healing for those who open up their minds to its extraordinary touch, even if you don’t understand its purpose at the moment it will help you learn, heal, and grow. It was a true life changing event for me."

Chanele W.

"Xiomara is the most genuine, supportive, loving, and kind human I know. She has a heart of gold and a serious passion for holistic health and wellness. I highly recommend her services, especially a reiki session! 💜"

Hailey N.

"On Saturday, I had the pleasure of doing a Reiki session with the beautiful & amazing, @xiomara.elena28. Prior to our session, she explained everything thoroughly and was so sweet about the whole process. Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the healer can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. When @xiomara.elena28 first started the session, I admit I was a little nervous and scared. Once she began to go through each chakra, I could feel the heat from her hands as she placed them on my body or over my body. I envisioned myself in a field, calm & happy. Prior to the session, my emotions have been high. After the session was over, @xiomara.elena28 explained everything perfectly. I have a lot of blockage and the reasons why each chakra was blocked, explained a lot of what I was going through. Receiving a reiki session from someone who is in the same journey as you, means a lot and made me feel extremely comfortable and better about my situation. Thank you @xiomara.elena28 for the eye opening session and I am starting the healing process today. As you said, it is a journey and today, i feel better than I’ve felt in months due to the reiki session & starting the work. Please contact @xiomara.elena28, founder of the @thepurplepurpose28 for your reiki healing session today!"

Neek B.

"I had a session with xiomara and let me tell you she's amazing. she answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable talking to her. I'm not saying this because she's my daughter because during the session I wasn't her mom I was her client. I definitely will be doing another session with her she opened my eyes to alot of things I didn't even know about myself. please don't hesitate to book a session it will definitely be worth it."

Yovanka G.

"So last week I had a great reiki session , my first and it definitely won’t be my last. Going into it I was a bit skeptical but i figured it can’t hurt. I am currently on a journey to become a better me and I wanted to start with my root. A little about me, I am a normal woman in today’s world, struggling to balance life and all the directions it pulls you in due to all of our different roles.
The session from beginning to end was very professional and therapeutic. I almost fell asleep ( that’s how relaxed I was). I honestly didn’t think I’d “feel” anything and have to pretend at the end but I can honestly say that I def felt it! At the end when Xio explained certain things it all made sense. If anyone is skeptical about reiki or just wants to see if it’s something you’d like to do or add to your self care routine I would def suggest it. I went in the shower right away and did some grounding !!! I am excited to book my next session to see what progress i am making.
Also after our session although I felt a little disappointed in myself it was definitely eye opening experience and gave me a starting point . Xio was amazing at opening me up. She definitely has a gift for this and you’d be privileged to have her perform your reiki session."

Alicia B.

"I’m not new to Reiki, so I went into my first session with Xiomara pretty confident about what to expect. I knew that Reiki had been beneficial to me at another time in my life.. but as i tend to do with most things health-related, I stopped going when I felt like I was “healed.” Fast forward two and a half years and I can honestly say that some of those issues that I was working on before, have only gotten so much worse!
Xiomara provided a level of healing and attention that I was NOT expecting! During my first session she provided light reading material to give some background on Reiki and what benefits are associated with the practice. We discussed some issues I was having and what expectations I had, and she briefed me on a few things that I might experience during my session.She jumped right in, doing an analysis of my Chakras and proceeded to work on my problem areas (blockages.) After only one session, I felt an instant weight lifted!
One of my biggest issues is constantly having too much on my mind. Between my full-time job, my business, being a mother and wife - I need all of the mental clarity I can get! The first improvement I saw from just one session was the feeling of being more centered, grounded, and focused. Residual benefits were: becoming extremely productive in the days and weeks following, as well as finally being motivated again!
My husband, who was initially a little skeptical, saw the difference in my energy right away and decided to book his own session the following week! Reiki is something I was hoping we would both take part in to further our healing as a family, but the unknown can be intimidating. After his first session, he was hooked too.
As a couple, my husband and I have been able to eliminate a lot of the “noise” between us that often gets dragged in after a long day of work. Our conversations are a lot more light-hearted and meaningful because our moods and productivity have seen tremendous improvement.
Since my first session about a month ago, Xiomara and I have continued to meet weekly to work on achieving the proper balance and energy flow that I’m so desperate to achieve. Something she always tells me is: “healing isn’t linear.” I’ve had some great weeks and some really hard weeks but I’m staying consistent on my path to healing. I love that I have the added support from Xiomara between sessions to ask questions and even vent!
If you’re new to Reiki, or wanting to try it again, I HIGHLY recommend booking with Xiomara 💜"

The Berry's.

"So today I had my very first Reiki session with Xiomara Gittens it was everything i thought it would be! I feel so relaxed, and excited for my journey of spiritual and mental healing with xio! I would recommend reiki sessions with her a million times! It’s time to actually take care of ourselves physically and mentally I’m open to this new journey with her and learning new things about myself and my body. Self care, self love & healing is my new way of life thanks to xio. Love you so much 💜💜💜💜"

Jasmine S.

"Xiomara exceeded all my expectations! She truly has a gift and made me feel so comfortable with all the questions I asked! Will be going back for more sessions for sure!"

Mia L.

"So, yesterday was my first Reiki therapy session with Xiomara Gittens. I want to start by saying that I had very little knowledge on Reiki healing prior to my session but from what I read on Reiki I was intrigued and I knew that I wanted to try it as an alternate form of therapy. Wow. At first, I was skeptical. I honestly didn’t know what to think, how to feel or what to make of the practice. Xio informed me to keep an open mind. Exactly what I did. At a state of where I’m most emotionally vulnerable, I allowed myself to be open. Overall it was a both inner and outer body experience that overcame me. Now mind you, I haven’t seen Xio since high school (2008) she has minimum knowledge on my current life. After our session, she spoke to me about the things she picked up on and the energy she took in from me. Instantly I cried, I couldn’t believe how spot on she was. I kept thinking to myself, “she’s superhuman! she’s amazing!” She truly has a gift, of a healer. I don’t want to over share because for me this is my journey of healing and manifesting. However, my advice to you is; read, obtain further knowledge and become informed on Reiki, learn your Chakras and heal within. Protect your energy. Before anything! I had the time of my life last night. Not partying, not drinking. Simply, in a space that felt like a safe haven. I became aware and in tune with my energy and in that moment I knew I wanted that feeling that overcame me to last forever. This is still new for me, it’s a process, but it is the start of my journey to heal and protect my energy. I want to publicly thank Xio again but more importantly this is to share my experience and encourage others to do the same! Wether you believe in God, or a higher power, you have to spiritually believe in that energy that you take in and also put into this world. 💜💜💜"

Zuley C.

I met Xio by happenstance. She came into my life just when I needed her and took on the responsibility of assisting me throughout my pregnancy with such ease. This was my third pregnancy but it was the most emotionally trying of all of my pregnancies. I needed support, consistency, and to be handled with care and Xio delivered! I never had to wonder if she was going to show up, I could always count on her to make sure my needs were being met both physically and emotionally and I knew without a doubt that she had my back. She listened to me, comforted me on the rough days, wiped my tears on the bad ones, and cheered me on on the good days. When it came time for labor and delivery, Xio was thorough, she had my birth plan committed to memory and made sure the hospital staff respected my wishes. She helped me create the birthing experience that I WANTED and didn’t let anyone or anything push me to stray away from that. Whether it was physical support via comfort measures, or mental and emotional support via kind words and advocacy; Xio never disappointed. Postpartum, Xio continued to check on me and baby which was really a breath of fresh air. I didn’t feel like just a client that she forgot about after I was discharged. I felt genuinely cared for. I am so grateful to have met her and so blessed to have been able to have her by my side through this experience.

-Katrina H-B.

"So I met Xio through my best friend who sees her for reiki sessions. I too developed a relationship with her through reiki and when I got pregnant it wasn't even a second thought that I wanted her to be my doula. With the statistics being against black women when bringing life into this world, I just wanted someone to advocate for me during my pregnancy and labor when I couldn't myself. With that said, Xio exceeded me and my husband's expectations. She was so present for not only me but for my entire family! Through comfort measures, emotional support, making sure our other children were taken care of and felt involved and so much more! I couldn't have asked for a better doula to get me through my last pregnancy! She made me feel like such a priority from start to finish and I can't thank her enough!

-Charlea B.


As a first time mother I had so many uncontrollable concerns and fears. I mean I truly always would think the worst . Xiomara would always be there with so much wisdom and courage . She literally prepared me for my birth from beginning to end . She provided both me and my partner with so much support. Xiomara attended to not only my needs but my partners as well. She advocated for me the whole hospital stay and did not leave my side not once . I was so blessed to have her as my doula. I highly recommend her services you won’t be let down .

—Keelan & baby Malakai

Titi doula Xio was by far the best decision I made for this pregnancy. She taught me more in my short time with her than I’ve learned in 4 years and prior pregnancies. Xio was more than involved the entire process and made not only me but my hubby and two kids feel involved and comfortable. Jokingly I said to Xio, “you better not let me die.” When complications arose she made sure I pulled through and for that I’m forever grateful. When my body was giving up and I couldn’t handle it anymore, I tried to go against my birth plan for relief and Xio made sure I was able to have my birth MY WAY and not just making a decision in the moment! She made sure to listen to me but more importantly made sure I was being listened to by the other providers. Xio we love you!

- Lucille and Earl

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